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Home elevator structure and implementation plan


Home Elevator structure and implementation plan

1), hydraulic home elevator or Villa Elevator door program:

a. Structure: hoistway and pit, car, and landing parts;

b. Main components: hydraulic pump, control cabinet, car, guiding system;

c. Advantages: simple structure and traditional home elevator driving mode;

d. Disadvantages: organic room, oil pollution, loud noise, and occupation of housing area.

2), inorganic room traction type household (villa) elevator automatic door program:

a. Structure: hoistway and pit, car, and landing parts;

b. Main components: control system, traction machine, door system, counterweight system, safety components, guiding system, car;

c. Advantages: The design of the machine room is designed to maximize the use of the building space, the structure is simple, and the highest safety level is designed;

d, shortcomings: still need 300mm pit design

4. Choose the right home elevator or villa elevator:

a, home elevator opening method is divided into hand-operated door and automatic door:

The structure of the hand-drawn door is similar to the door commonly used in our home, but the door lock linkage is relatively heavy, and the hand-operated door has no car door protection design. There is a potential safety hazard; the automatic door is the same as the public Passenger Elevator. The double protection of the car door and the hall door, the difference is that more than 95% of the villa elevators choose the side-by-side automatic door because the side-opening automatic door can save the building area to the utmost extent and utilize the width of the hoistway as much as possible. At the same time, it can be easily used by disabled people and the elderly, fully embodying its advantages.

b. Select the villa elevator controlled by PLC or microcomputer:

PLC control is a shorthand for English "Programmable Logic Controllers", which can be used to program logic controllers. It is mainly used in early industrial fields and is also the main control method of elevators. In the 1980s, when the microcomputer control system appeared, PLC control in the elevator field only the debris elevator was also widely used, but in the passenger elevator field, it was basically eliminated by the microcomputer control system. Therefore, the selection of the fine computer control system is The right choice.

c. Select a household elevator or villa elevator with variable frequency variable speed speed control VF drive:

The household elevator with variable frequency variable pressure adjustment drive is selected to make it more comfortable, stable and energy-saving. The choice of traction household elevator is VVVF traction machine and inverter drive configuration.

d. Select LED lighting:

The biggest difference between LED lighting and traditional spotlights or incandescent lamps is brighter, more environmentally friendly, and longer lasting.

e. Try to choose a home elevator with automatic rescue device (off level layer) and automatic dialing device:

Private elevators are different from public elevators and are used by a single home. Therefore, the home elevator puts forward higher requirements on safety protection, especially for the elderly or children in the family. If there is a sudden power outage or malfunction in the elevator, the home elevator with automatic rescue device and automatic dialing configuration is selected. Provide maximum security for your family. Of course, manufacturers will also ask for additional equipment costs.

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