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OTIS Otis Elevator Fault Collection 100 Cases - Solutions - Huaqiang Electronic Network


0.8A 1000V rectifier bridge stack
Probe current voltage pin 420*4450 head diameter 5.0 over current current and voltage pin
Brand AVX TPSE226M035R0125 Low impedance tantalum capacitor AVX 22
Electronic scale crystal oscillator 3.2*2.5mm 3225 16M (16.000MHZ) 12PF 10PPM 20PPM 30PPM
SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor

Fault 1

3100 users complained that the Elevator stopped running, the external call did not work, the floor display was normal, and the door was not opened. Check TCB fault record 0100, 0105, OVF20 fault record CHK DBD SIG with TT, check SW1, 2 relay, find SW1 relay auxiliary contact Poor contact, normal after replacement.

Fault 2 T60 elevator users complained that the door was repeatedly opened and closed in the leveling position, and it was necessary to close the door several times before it could run. Most of the time was normal. Check the MIB board and the drive for faultless recording. Waiting for the fault in the machine room. It is found that the U and D relays are disconnected immediately after the fault occurs. Check the voltage of the A1 terminal of the U and D relays with a multimeter. It is found that there is no voltage in the fault, and the fault is registered without fault. The suspected fault should be after the safety check point. Check the contact between the car door and the hall door. If the fault point is not detected temporarily, observe the operation. It is found that the U and D relays will be disconnected after the LB relay is sucked. Check the drawing. The LB relay has no effect on the U and D relays. After holding the LB relay by hand to make it artificially controlled, it was found that the fault did not occur. Suspected that the LB relay contact is faulty, the main relay contacts in the control cabinet are checked. It is found that the contact resistance of the SDP relay 13-14 contacts is 50-200 ohms, and the fault frequency is significantly reduced after the contacts are cleaned, and replaced. After troubleshooting.

Fault 3 T2000VF users complained that the elevator will be closed. After the arrival, the person will be released. The elevator will not move to the engine room. The TT checks the MC fault record 2703, the DB fault record D CURRENT FDBK, checks the contact of the UDX relay contacts, and checks the control cabinet motor output pile. It was found that the W-phase pile head had been burnt and it was normal after replacing the pile head.

Fault 4 T2000VF users complain that the elevator is shaking and shaking. Check the MC fault record 2703 with TT, the DB fault record INVERTER OCT, check that the UDX relay contact is normal, the control cabinet motor wiring pile head is normal, the motor coil resistance is normal, and the fault cannot be detected temporarily. After considering, if the brake is not under normal conditions Release, PVT abnormality will also cause failure, check the brakes are normal, PVT inspection found that the plug wire is loose, repair the fault after welding.

Fault 5 300VF users complain that the elevator runs one stop and one stop, and the first floor has to stop 5 or 6 times. When the machine room is found to be faulty, the host has a lot of running noise, such as the sound of mechanical grinding. The electric car is checked to check that the main machine is operating normally and it is judged to be an electrical fault. Check the MC fault record 2703 with TT, DB fault record D CURRENT FDBK, INVERTER OCT, normal after replacing PVT

Fault 6 T60 users complained that the operation was stopped, closed, and closed. After arriving, it was found that there was no customs. The elevator was stopped and stopped. The MIB fault registration OUS and SDP were checked. The speed sensor was checked. It was found that there was a lot of butter on the anti-disc and it was normal after cleaning.

Fault 7 3100 user complaints that the elevator opens to the first floor, does not respond to the external call. Use TT to check the M111 status is normal, check the door closing button signal without input Light Curtain is not considered, the door opener is normal. After the elevator maintenance is restored to normal The elevator always stops at the first floor and opens the door, and there is always a call signal in the M111. The internal call and the external call are removed. It is suspected that the call is on the LCBII board, and the call is not up and down. After the switch, the elevator returns to normal, and the multimeter check switch has a pair of contacts that pass through.

Fault 8 T40 elevator, there is a repairman who has repaired the fault on the spot, but the problem is not checked. After the arrival, the engine room is opened and the elevator is not moved. Check the fault light is normal. After checking the door number, the line number 2XQ36 has 110V, there is no power behind, check is SDP relay is not sucked, check SDP relay line package is dead, check BPRAZX relay contact, found that AZX relay 1-9 normally closed contact is not connected, the elevator will return to normal after replacement.

Fault 9 (The fault has been recorded for a long time, the fault record is unclear) The T2000VF elevator stops and stops, and the downlink is normal. Checking the DBR resistor finds that there is a resistor to be blown, and it is normal after replacement.

Fault 10 When the T-40 is going down to the leveling layer, there is a lot of sensation. After checking the pin in the middle of the brake arm, the fault is eliminated after replacing the top wire. This fault is extremely dangerous. Everyone must pay attention to the brake pin when maintaining the 17CT main engine.

Fault 11 3100 Elevator often appears EFO, to the scene TT view status is normal, after observation, and occasionally EFO appears, check the fire input is normal, check RS18 normal, check the user fire module occasionally will be removed after the action is normal.

Fault 12 CHVF elevator goes up to the 2nd floor emergency stop, the brake is not loose, and the elevator can return to the base station for a while, so repeatedly, after checking the brake voltage is insufficient

Barrier 13 T-40 has 1m/s, 10 floors, 10 stations, 40 beds, and there is a start-run-speed-speed protection in the up-running to reach the 3rd floor and run to the 2nd floor without opening the door. When arriving at the 3rd floor, it does not. Open the door to the first floor. After inspection, it was found that the AZX small relay has a contact wire solder joint.

Fault 14 T-3100 elevator, sometimes there will be lost layer during operation, that is, the position will be automatically found at the bottom. The LCB11 fault record is 0100, 0201, 0211, and the OVF20 has no fault record. The cause of the fault, the LCB11 board chip has a problem, normal after replacement.

Fault 15 T-3100 elevator, the user's reaction elevator sometimes stops at a certain floor without opening the door. The LCB11 fault is mainly 0205. The cause of the fault is motor thermal protection. Since the temperature of the equipment room is not very high, it is normal to check the brakes. After adjusting the OVF20 parameters, it is normal.

Fault 16 T-3100 elevator, the user reaction elevator sometimes stops at a certain level of the door and opens the fixed ladder, and the display is 1F, and it is normal after connecting the 1LS accompanying cable. Fault 17 (This fault is provided by a screwdriver friend) T-3100 elevator, the user reaction elevator sometimes has a layer of loss. The LCB11 fault record is: 0100, 0201, 0231. The OVF210 fault record is: SHUT DOWN, 1LS INI DEC, LV MISSED and 1LV, and normal after 2LV.

Fault 18 T-3 Passenger Elevator, elevator is closed, when the inspection and maintenance operation is started, sometimes it can not start normally, the motor does not turn, check the line, U, D relay contact is bad contact, sometimes it can not be repaired after repair Normal start, the brake can not be opened, check the G contactor contact bad contact, repair with a multimeter to check the normal, repair is still not good, directly after the G contactor contact is connected. Replace the G contactor for troubleshooting. In the past, when repairing some contactor faults, I have encountered a normal test with a multimeter, but the actual use of the contact is still faulty. If I am unfamiliar with the circuit knowledge, I will take a detour. Therefore, I will recommend this fault to check the contact. Pay more attention to the contacts.

Fault 19 Xizi Otis STAR Elevator: Configured as LCB-II, Yaskawa Inverter. Fault phenomenon: The elevator will self-protect after one hour of operation. Observed in the machine room, as long as the brakes act first, the LCB-II will be protected after the DZ relay. Check the DZ relay and accompanying cable is normal, after replacing the door zone delay relay, the elevator runs normally.

Fault 20 T60 elevator, when the door is not used, the door of the elevator does not stop, it does not appear when someone uses it. After investigation, the safety touch panel is not adjusted well, and it is caused by touching the touch panel switch when the door is closed. After the adjustment, the fault is eliminated. In addition, if it is a double touch panel, also pay attention to whether the position of the cam in the door machine is normal.

Fault 21
E411 elevator, TT display; DB: hold the fault, MC: brake switch fault. Clean and adjust the brake, replace the brake switch, and the fault appears again after a few weeks. After replacing H1, H2, and 5M, it is still unresolved. In the next six months, all the parts and wirings related to the brakes in the elevator power cabinet will be adjusted or adjusted with other elevators. But still unresolved. Finally, in a cleaning and maintenance, it was found that a bolt in the traction machine was slightly loose, and after a quarter turn of it, the fault disappeared. It is a bolt that connects the two brake arms. It needs to climb up and look down from the top. There are two nuts on one side, which are slightly loose to cause the bolts to move.
Fault 22 Theo FO Freight Elevator, configuration CB-II: Star Delta start: 33 Fault phenomenon: the elevator will lose its position when it runs to the second floor. But it will be normal to the third floor. LCB-II has no fault record. After observation in the machine room: no discovery After observing at the host: find the brake to hug the elevator to find the position. Also found that the brake is in operation, the DZ indicator on the LCB-II is not lit. After adjusting the brake action time, the elevator runs normally.

Fault 23 West Otis STAR Elevator: Configured as LCB-II, Yaskawa Inverter. Elevator no matter fast or slow, the elevator always goes up when there is a down command, then the inverter protects. The cause of the fault is: the PG (encoder) board inside the inverter is loose!

Fault 24 2000VF2 parallel ladder, at 11:00 to 2 pm, the downlink is normal, the uplink short-range is normal, and the long-distance speed change is emergency stop. 2 sets of the same fault. Other time period is normal. Exclude the elevator itself After the fault, it was found that the 3-phase voltage reached 420V during this time period. After the rated voltage of the inverter was changed to 400V, the elevator was normal.

Fault 25 T-3100 elevator occasionally stops the elevator, and the internal and external calls and displays are normal. The elevator is in a state of waiting for the ladder to be a stationary ladder. No fault record. Reason: UIB, DIB has no input, C1 relay 13/14 contact is not good.

Fault 26 T-3100 elevator runs one layer or the top is normal, the other will not work. After the elevator arrives at the station, it will go to the location without opening the door. The fault is recorded as LCB2: 0100, 0201, 0211 Cause: There is a problem with UIS

Fault 27 GEN2 elevator outside does not light, the button does not work, the elevator enters the fire state, because the fire signal power is taken from the external call 30V, so according to the phenomenon directly check the 30V power supply, found that 10A insurance burned, normal after replacement

Fault 28 France 2000: Each floor arrival clock is ringing at the same time, and the external call is active. Cause: The fire switch is connected to the GROUP-LINK, and the corresponding RS11 is damaged. It is normal after replacement.

Fault 29 Xizi Otis STAR Elevator: Configured as LCB-II, Yaskawa Inverter has slight jitter when starting and decelerating the elevator, and everything else is normal. Cause: It returns to normal after replacing the encoder! ! !

Fault 30 West Otis STAR-CON Elevator: Configuration CB-II LPB SIEI Fault phenomenon: The door is slow. (Turn off the door resistance, the problem is not solved) After investigation, no external line problem was found. Suspect the door plate, replace The new board. The problem remains. After the capacitor is replaced, the problem is solved. The door system is similar to the Austrian MRDS door machine.

Fault 31 West Otis STAR-CON Elevator: Configuration CB-II LPB SIEI Fault phenomenon: Elevator self-protection. (LCB-II protection) TT display is door protection. After check. No line problem found. After replacing the LPB board, The elevator is normal.

Fault 32 3100 elevator does not run, after the observation F6C insurance jumps, check the phase sequence output error relay light does not light up. After replacing the phase sequence relay, the elevator is normal.

Fault 33 T-40 is very slow to close the door, almost powerless. Check the power supply voltage of the door machine is normal. When checking the cam inside the door box, it is almost black black toner on the armature. After cleaning with soft paper, the door machine returns to normal.

Fault 34 CHVF can not move when the door is opened by about 20CM. The hand needs a lot of force to push the door completely open. During the process of pushing the door, it is found that the car door has a side tilt. Check the car door roller and find that the rubber skin on one roller has been damaged. It is normal after replacement. The same fault will occur in the same hall door. If the rubber skin of two rollers on a pair of doors is damaged, the temporary emergency can scrape the rubber skin on the roller and re-adjust the door.

Fault 35 T40 elevator AB parallel A ladder repair and maintenance maintenance found B ladder no outside call off A ladder power supply after normal inspection A ladder 8 insurance burned 8 insurance is +42V power insurance, if it is burned in maintenance You should check if some buttons or the power cord of the safety touch panel are grounded during maintenance.

Fault 36 CHVF elevator customer said that the elevator was stopped on the 4th floor of the 4th floor. The magnetic stripe was over, but the fault remained. After the machine room observation control cabinet, the elevator was opened from the bottom. Normally every layer required: IPD .DZ.IPU flashes in sequence, but when the ladder passes through the 2nd floor, the IPU will light up again after the light is on. It is suspected that there is a problem with the accompanying cable or the deceleration sensor switch. First replace the elevator with the spare cable and the elevator will return to normal. Measurement The original cable was found to have 24V when it passed the 2nd floor. It can be seen that there may be cable breakage in the accompanying cable and it will touch together during operation!

Fault 37 Once encountered a T3200 elevator, 15/15 station, the elevator went up to the 6th floor and stopped urgently, after normal. Go to the 10th floor and stop for a while, then normal again. The initial judgment was that the doorknife hit the door wheel. Check the gap between the doorknob and the door wheel in the normal range, but the swing of the left and right sides of the elevator is relatively large. Check the Guide Shoe and find that the guide shoe in the middle of the door knife is relatively worn. When it is running, it hits the door wheel and causes an emergency stop. The elevator is normal after replacing the Guide Shoes.

Fault 38 T2000VF users complain that the elevator is shaking and shaking. Check the MC fault record 2703 with TT, the DB fault record INVERTER OCT, check that the UDX relay contact is normal, the control cabinet motor wiring pile head is normal, the motor coil resistance is normal, and the fault cannot be detected temporarily. After considering, if the brake is not under normal conditions Release, PVT abnormality will also cause failure, check the brakes are normal, PVT inspection found that the plug wire is loose, repair the fault after welding.

Fault 39 TOEC2000vf elevator, one or two times after each reset, it will crash. According to the maintenance, the elevator will not rise but rise, the inverter shows a fault record. After inspection, it is found that a small plastic card of the brake contactor is broken inside. , remove and clean up, install the fault, and eliminate the fault.
Fault 40 T-40 elevator maintenance operation is normal, after the express train is addressed, the vehicle will fall after the ladder processing result: L2 contact virtual connection replacement after normal failure 41 elevator display the first layer processing result on the top layer: 1LS open circuit

Barrier 42: E311 multiple elevators often crashed [Processing results: All the relays of the control cabinet were cleaned and repaired, and the faults were greatly reduced after the contacts with severe corrosion were replaced.

Fault 43: An OH-CON elevator (LCB2+AMCB+SIEI), "-" is displayed outside the elevator hall, and the top layer to the top layer are repeated from the top to the top. After observation, it was found that the DZ lamp on the LCB2 board was not bright, and a flat layer of photoelectric damage was inspected, and the flat layer photoelectricity was worse, and the elevator returned to normal.

Fault 44: An OH-CON elevator (LCB2+AMCB+SIEI), “-” is displayed outside the elevator hall, and the elevator can be used for maintenance operation. Normally, it cannot be leveled. The INS light is always on. After inspection, the inspection signal is input to the AMCB board and the LCB2 board are normal. The INS relay is working properly and no problems have been found on all lines. Replace the RS5 board in the control cabinet and the elevator will return to normal.

Fault 45: 3200 elevator stops a certain floor door and the outside call flashes, does not respond to the call signal. According to the phenomenon should be the performance of DTO failure, but found that the driver and the independent are normal, use TT to control the door switch through the MCB board is normal, suspected OC board crash, normal after reset

Fault 46: xo-star elevator (OVF30 inverter + RCB2+MCB2). All the elevators of the elevator flash, the elevator runs normally, and all floor commands are answered one by one. Carefully check the outside call and find that the capacitor on the first floor of the RS5 board is yellow. After the replacement, the elevator returns to normal. This failure is provided by otismakui.

Fault 47: TOCE3 elevator, the elevator stops at the top floor and the display door is always open. After the power is turned off, the elevator will close the door and give the running command. It is found that the A1 contactor in the control cabinet will pick up but the downstream contactor does not pull in. Check the downstream contactor. The coil circuit found that the contact of the upstream contactor contact was not good. This failure is provided by cza. XIZIOTIS, OH5000 (lcb2 amcb1 siei) elevators are often closed. There is always a lost position at the scene, and the elevator is normal after resetting. However, from time to time, it will appear again to change the photoelectric. Changed the line. Not solved. After considering this is a sightseeing ladder suspected of being a sun problem. Replace the photoelectric switch with a permanent magnet switch. The elevator has not been running for one month.

Fault 48: [Original] TOEC-40 singular fault judgment and resolution [br] When the TOEC-40 elevator descends on the fifth floor, no matter which floor is returned to the base station automatically, there is nothing to go up, and there is nothing to do in other buildings. The IIB board shows that the MIPL LED is on. When the Elevator Car is approaching the fifth floor, the IPU will be extinguished. The signal will be lost and returned to the base station. Because it is all extinguished, it is suspected that the 24V power supply is lost instantaneously. Short-circuit 1XN/C37, 39, 41 lines, the fault disappears. Finally, it is determined that the 1XN/C37 car cable is broken. After the cable is changed, all the faults are solved.

Fault 49: [Original] TOEC-40 Elevator Door failure [br] elevator door safety touch panel failure often pinch people, after investigation is safe contact plate switch cable due to long-term reciprocating switch door aging break. Start is virtual, sometimes good sometimes Bad. It is recommended to replace the good quality soft cable with a complete solution.

The following content needs to be replied to see fault 50: TOEC-40 elevator running jitter, start to change the guide shoes, track fueling is useless, after cleaning the speed sensor, the problem is lifted. Therefore, the elevator should be strengthened, and care should be taken to clean the sensors during maintenance. position..

Fault 51: 3100 elevator car parked on the 3rd floor annulus about 10 cm high, showing that a bar can not run maintenance operation is not good, after the inspection found that C1 contactor 21.22 contact is not good.

Fault 52: otis3100 fault phenomenon DZ does not light LVC does not pull, after checking the LVC coil does not have 24V, after checking LCB2 has no output DC24V, replace LCB2 DC24 regulator integrated block LM7824 after normal attention to the integrated block is Motorola's power 1A or more Other models are not available. This fault is provided by cnngaigh.

Fault 53: gen2 drive slow train does not crash, drive fast twice and then repair and repair does not move, must be pulled to use, then TT observation, the original two brake switch bs1 bs2 is not synchronized.

Fault 54: [br] 300vf elevator, when the operation suddenly appears in the middle of a sudden stop, then address leveling, and continue to run, respond to the previous outbound or internal selection. M4211, that is, the current elevator fault shows: Inverter OCT, that is, the inverter over current. And the record in the monitor directory is F101, which is also the inverter over current! Overcurrent protection is performed within the DSP and will stop when the fault is detected. This protection is performed by comparing the current strength to a pre-set error point (an E^2 parameter representing the highest line current). Find the random information of otis (I would like to thank you for providing a solution to this problem). For such faults, check if the ground wire of the motor is loose. According to the information, it is really the grounding wire is loose, and the fault is eliminated after tightening! ! ! It seems that the engineers of otis are old and experienced, otherwise I will go where to find the reason! ! !

Fault 55: The T40 elevator runs for 10 years. Suddenly, the elevator has an uneven layer on one day. The IPU, IPD, DZ sensor and the Qiao board are all moving. The DMCU is also ineffective. Finally, the grounding terminal of the control cabinet is loose. After the solid elevator is normal. In the maintenance, not only the electrical components should be tight, but also the grounding wire should be tightened.

Fault 56: I repaired a 3100 elevator a few days ago. The phenomenon of the elevator is: from the top floor of the 8th floor, sometimes the layer of the elevator will change from 8th floor to 1st floor. The elevator stops at 7th floor. It is good to pull the brakes, but it still appears. Later, after inspection, it was found that there was a problem with the cable of 2LS. With the multimeter, there were more than 200 resistance values ​​with the cable, and the rear replacement line did not appear again.

Fault 57: otis3200 elevator, fault phenomenon elevator does not run, no outbound call, no internal selection, fault record to the machine room is DBD input error, clean UD relay 21.22 contact, LB relay 21.22 contact, UDX41.42 contact, The fault remains, after using the multimeter to measure the RF1 rectification part, it is found that the capacitor is aging, the output voltage is not enough 30V, and the capacitor is normal after replacing the capacitor.

Fault 58 (commissioning encountered): GEN2 elevator power-off TCB (M-1-2-1) failure every time: 0600 SPB-Alert Standby lock ladder time is slightly longer, occasionally there will be a crash, M-1 -2-1 Fault log: 0302 Door-Bridge 0304 DOL: alw.on. The DOL light on the TCB board flashes, the plug-in is re-inserted, and the self-learning is solved temporarily; the light curtain is changed from 605 to 607.

Fault 59: The owner reflects that a 3100 elevator always has an inexplicable dead ladder. After arriving at the scene, I saw the elevator crash but sometimes it will run normally. Using TT to check LCBII found the following fault: 0100, 0231. After the suspicion is the RS5 fault in the car handling maintenance signal. After the replacement, the elevator runs normally.

Fault 60: The T2000 elevator runs normally. After the leveling, the door is opened normally. When the door is closed, it can only be forced to close the door. The door closing button is invalid, the light is normal, and the parameters of the control cabinet door are normal. From the new COPY, the MC board is closed after the film is normal.

Fault 61: T40H, the SGB board has no power, but the lines are normal. But the SGB is not displayed, and then it is cleaned up, and it can be used for other elevators. Poor contact and excessive dust.

Fault 62: Elevator in France 2000. When no one is inside, it is always on the top floor. It is topped on the 9th floor. If someone is in the teaching box, it will not be a problem. Check that the steel wire is too much oil. , after cleaning. After ok.

Fault 63: 3200 elevator, when the elevator drives from the first floor to the second floor level, the elevator will stop suddenly. After stopping, you can drive the slow train, but you can't take the express train. After the elevator opened to the first floor, the express train was resumed, but when it was run to the second floor flat zone, the elevator stopped again and then resumed. After inspection, the 1LS is damaged, and after the replacement, the elevator is broken and normal.

Fault 64: Theo OH-CON (SPB+LCB2+SIEI), the elevator sometimes stops on the floor without moving the ladder, can not input the command. Use TT to view, DTO. The inspection hall door has no problem. The frequency of this fault occurs. Once every half month. After replacing the door signal cable, the elevator returns to normal.

Fault 65: T60 elevator, the elevator can go up, but the downlink can't start, the contactor also acts, and then the main contactor contact is broken one phase. This situation has occurred many times, and it is expected to attract attention. This failure is provided by wyde. OTIS2000VF automatic closing time adjustment~ Today, the owner said that the elevator automatically closes the door for too long (after opening the door, do not press the closing button). It is a long time to close the door. This is a small problem. Many people don't care, telling some friends who don't know here. The parameters of the OC are CC-DT (car button) and HC-DT (outer call button) closing time. It is .40 and 4 seconds in one millisecond. ~ The original parameter of this elevator is 80, the elevator should 8 seconds to close the door. After the change of 40, four seconds to close.

Fault 66: T-3100R, the ladder stops at a certain layer, and there is no fast or slow train. The OP repeatedly pulls in and releases. The first-time maintenance worker has changed the inverter and the main board LBII.... After the electrolysis leakage on the RF1 board was checked, the ladder was replaced after the replacement. Revelation: When handling faults, you should carefully check the pressure at all levels, blindly and easily take a lot of detours! ! !

Fault 67: When the T-3100 ladder goes up to the top speed change, it suddenly stops suddenly and then returns to the base station. After finding the gap between the speed-changing magnetic strips (about 7 mm), the ladder after repair is normal.

Fault 68: After the T-3 ladder is powered on, the power supply will trip together. After checking the brake resistance, the ladder is normal. This fault is provided by gaoyuzhou.

Fault 69: XIZIOTIS, STAR/616G5/LCBII. Occasionally, the inverter does not start after closing the door, and the inverter displays DBD protection fault. After the power failure, the elevator will return to normal. After the same failure occurs frequently, the relevant contacts are processed, and SW1, SW2, DFC, BY, and UD are replaced. After a period of time, the fault reappears. It is found that a long closed auxiliary point of BY is connected in series in the auxiliary contact loop of SW1.SW2, but not on the original picture. It is artificially added (may be added after the brake line). After dismantling it, it did not commit such a fault for more than half a year. But the same elevator has no such fault. Strange? Please heroes!

Fault 70: The West Gen2 ladder stops between the 1st and 2nd floors for some reason. Due to the failure of the emergency rescue operation, the ladder could not move. TT shows: the brake switch is faulty, check DC24V does not, climb into the hoistway (fasten the seat belt 噢) to find out that the safety socket is disconnected due to long-term virtual connection overheating deformation. After the repair, the elevator is normal. This malfunction is brought by the fetus! ! ! Please pay attention to your peers. You can't trust TT.

Fault 71: OTIS3100, safety loop, display, all are normal. Both internal election and external call are invalid. The maintenance can not go down, the two people at the car top station can go down. After checking the pre-charging resistor in the inverter, one of the resistors is burned, and the resistor cannot be purchased, and is replaced by a similar parameter resistor. The elevator is normal today. This fault has only been touched once!

Fault 72: I heard that the elevator automatically opened the car door between the two floors and scared the passengers inside. I have never believed that this phenomenon has occurred since the previous repair of a fault. 3100 elevator, running between two floors, automatically open the door, the passenger faces the wall of the hoistway, the final result is that the RS14 of the car top is broken, it seems to be the one below the car top junction box, and it is normal after replacement. It is the board that processes the dcsS5 door signal. Indiscriminately signal the door machine. From this point of view, the shortcomings of serial communication are not small, not as real as the signal of parallel communication.

Fault 73: A TOEC-3 elevator, the owner reported that the door was closed when the door was opened every morning. After the door was closed, the work was normal, and the work was normal throughout the day. The maintenance personnel checked for three consecutive days. The root cause of the fault was not found. Finally, it was found that the carbon brush stuck in the door machine caused the poor contact and was normal after repair.

Fault 74: 3100R2 nuclear Aoda door machine has no display, after checking that the power supply part of the door board circuit board is destroyed by 51 ohms, the replacement of the resistance door machine is normal.

Fault 75: T-40 door is closed and the door is not in place! Check the door machine resistance is normal! The voltage is normal! After checking, the motor carbon brush is loose! It is normal after tightening.

Fault 76: The T-40 elevator that was repaired yesterday was the 12/12 elevator down! There was a non-continuous jitter on the 6th floor down! It was basically 7/8 down to the 1st floor! The elevator had no fault record! After inspection, the machine was faulty. The wire rope is improperly adjusted, resulting in serious wear of the traction sheave! The wire rope is unevenly stressed. I will clean the wire rope with oil first! Adjust the tightness of the wire rope, the fault is basically gone! In a few days, I have to change the big wheel/wire rope/to It’s not always necessary to have this fault! I don’t have to do the elevator for a long time! If there is something wrong, please don’t laugh at friends! You can also give valuable advice!

Fault 77: Multiple Xizi STAR equipped with Yaskawa inverter often has OC overcurrent protection. When there is SC burnout module, the power of the host is 14KW and the inverter is only 9. 5KW. It is normal after the factory transformation. This fault is provided by ten days of rain.

Fault 78: 3100LCBII elevator, when the fault occurs, the bottom is restored to normal operation, but after 10 times of operation, the problem of position loss will occur. Then, the bottom of the well is checked, the signals of all the wells are all normal, and then the relay status in the control cabinet is carefully observed. When the fault occurs, the LVC relay is released, causing the LV1 and LV2 relays to be unable to pick up. Check that the LVC line is not abnormal. After the LCBII plug is re-inserted, the fault disappears. It is suspected that the plug is in poor contact. After adjusting the plug, normal operation is not seen.

Fault 79: 3100 elevator sometimes has a fault in the lost position. After checking, when the elevator runs from the top floor to the upper floor of the building, 100% of the fault will occur. Checking the hoistway signal is all normal. It is impossible to find the reason. OVF20 The self-learning of the hoistway was carried out. After learning, it was found that the fault was not present. It was suspected that the data in the chip was wrong because there was no abnormality in the leveling accuracy after learning.

Fault 80: XO--STAR medical ladder. DO2000 door machine type 4. When the door is opened and closed, the speed is very slow, and the operation is shaken. One of the three-phase outputs of the door is poorly contacted, the interface is pulled out, the plug is reinserted, the fault disappears, and the operation is normal.

Fault 81: 3100R2 During maintenance, the main power supply is disconnected, which often causes damage to the printed board of the nuclear door. Detect the power supply voltage 403V, ​​check the control cabinet, and find that the TRF1 transformer input terminal is connected to the 380V terminal. After the 399V terminal is connected, no such fault occurs. It is recommended that in the maintenance of the 3100R2, do not continuously and frequently disconnect the power supply.

Fault 82: The Theo 21VF elevator can not run to the on-site speed and slow speed. The inverter indicates that the *047 TT is actually safe and connected, and the MCSS board displays normal. The safety loop encoder circuit is normal. In the inspection state, press and hold the down button to power the motor. The problem is that the brake cannot be opened. Check the brake switch and the normal brake contactor also sucks. The amount of brake coil resistance is not. Finally, the brake coil is determined to be damaged. Normal after replacement.

Fault 83: The Theo FO freight elevator is equipped with an ACB-2 BRDS door machine. The elevator can run but does not open the door. The door-to-position signal of the RS5 board door switch door is normal. Finally, when the DC30V is found in the internal communication line, it is sometimes not found. Finally, it is found that the plug of the top junction box is loose. Normal after tightening.

Fault 84: OH5000 Configure LCB-II AMCB2 SIEI. The elevator did not close the door to the scene and found that there was no internal display. During the inspection process, it was found that the plug-in on the RS5 board was inserted incorrectly and the address code was passive. After the repair, the display is normal but it is still not closed. The TT shows the fire status. It turns out that the RS5 board has obvious burn marks. Normal after replacement. But the elevator still can't run. The original RS5 board of the ground floor was also broken (lock ladder) and it was normal after replacement.

Fault 85: After the GN2 elevator opens the door, it blocks the light curtain from crashing. The TT observation is a DTC fault. When the door is closed, the LRD is found to be unchanged. Checking the parameters found that the LRD parameter value error modification returned to normal.

Fault 86: Configure the FO freight elevator ACB-II BRDS door panel, the elevator does not close the door and the door motor does not open the door motor. Check the switch door in place signal is normal, RS5 replacement after the fault remains, the door machine resistance test has resistance, the door electromechanical electromechanical brush is normal, the fault remains after the capacitor replacement. After the final replacement of the door panel, it is normal.

Fault 87: OH5000 (Inorganic Room) Configure the LCB-II AMCB2 gearless main unit. After the elevator runs for one off time, the inverter protection (overload) always appears. Checking the inverter setting parameters and finding that it does not match the host. After the modification, the elevator is running without exception after the host self-learning.

Fault 88: Theo model STAR configures the LCB-II AMCB2 SEIE 13VTR master. The elevator can not be operated, and the engine room can be repaired and repaired. The slow train can only run after a short time. After plugging in the TT, it is found that the 1LS malfunction check line finds that the plug of the control cabinet has been loosened and is normal after tightening.

Fault 89: Theo model STAR configures the LCB-II AMCB2 SEIE 13VTR master. When the inverter is found to be protected by the inverter (speed abnormality), the elevator can not be operated after the reset. After the encoder is replaced, the elevator runs normally.

Fault 89: Theo model STAR configures the LCB-II AMCB2 SEIE 13VTR master. Upon arrival at the site, the elevator was able to operate normally after the inverter protection (speed abnormality) was reset, but the speed abnormality protection appeared again after one week of operation. Check the encoder circuit to find that the plug-in process of the plug-in is not good enough to be turned on. Normal after processing.

Fault 89: Theo model STAR configures the LCB-II AMCB2 SEIE 13VTR master. At the scene, the inverter is found to be in normal operation after the inverter protection (contactor error protection) is reset, but it will be normal after running for a period of time.

Fault 90: Theo model STAR configures the LCB-II AMCB2 SEIE 13VTR master. At the scene, the inverter protection (overload) elevator was found to run normally. The inverter has overload protection every time it goes up to the top layer, and the elevator runs normally after modifying the AMCB parameters.

Fault 91: Theo model STAR configures the LCB-II AMCB2 SEIE 13VTR master. The elevator can operate normally on the spot, and the inverter cannot enter the menu after the power is turned off. After the inverter is replaced, the elevator will run normally after the new commissioning.

Fault 92: 300 elevator, open the door on the 23rd floor, the display is flashing, the INS short-circuit lock to the engine room does not run, the terminal voltage 110V.2-1-3DFC lowercase, the reason is that the DBP relay 21/22 is damaged, Normal after changing to other points.

Fault 93: GEN2 6/6 Two parallel ladders. During normal operation, the two elevators have an emergency stop at the same time. Check the power supply and find that the 380V power supply to the elevator in the power distribution room has a low C phase. Below 350, check the control cabinet. The phase sequence protection relay shows the undervoltage and phase loss protection, and the elevator runs normally after the elevator power supply is normal! ! ! !

Fault 94: otis3200, cp4 tripped, found that the brake coil burned, and after the replacement, the fault remains. Because cp4w is a two-way switch, disconnected all the way, it is found that the rectifier bridge pile breakdown, replacement, troubleshooting.

Fault 95: There are two parallel 3200, the fault is the B ladder can not eliminate the number, the A ladder is normal, it is judged that there is a problem with the serial communication. Or the serial communication line is in poor contact, and the serial communication connector of the control cabinet is re-plugged again. .Troubleshooting.. Sometimes the fault seems complicated, as long as it is careful, it is very easy to malfunction.

Fault 96: A T40 ladder express train stops after the normal uplink is started. The slow train has a heavy sense of heavyness and the downside is normal. After inspection, it was found that there was a burnout in the speed control part of the brake insurance. Normal after replacement.

Fault 97: 3200, the elevator can not find the location on the first floor, in the machine room 213 observe the elevator to the first floor, 1LS sometimes becomes lowercase, after re-adjusting, the child learns the elevator normally.

Fault 98: Xizi Otis XO-STAR passenger elevator LCB- II + LPB+ Yaskawa inverter, the fault phenomenon is that the floor is lost during the operation, the elevator is suddenly stopped, and the "-" anti-base station is returned to normal, this phenomenon is sporadic 2 or 3 days or longer; or close the door immediately after the elevator opens the door. At this time, the safety touch panels are flexible, no jamming, and the light eye is invalid. After the door is closed, the door is restored to normal, or the door is not stopped. After opening the door, it is judged that the leveling sensor is unstable in operation, and it is normal to observe for a period of time after replacement. The cause of the failure is that such sensors (flat layer sensor type is a bistable magnetic sensor) are less stable in performance.

Fault 99: T40 elevator, car high 5 floor ridge 1 meter emergency stop, outside call display 10th floor. The control cabinet fault display d., the fault indicator SDPL lights up. The slow train can run but the same number, after checking the F2 fuse open on the PS board, the +42V power supply is broken. Normal after replacing the fuse.

Fault 100: T40 elevator - partial open door, almost every layer will close the door, there will be a failure in the car call, the fault is more and more frequent. Adjusting the door to the last moment makes it slower, and the fault disappears. This fault is provided by jiangwei. Fault 101: T-3 (using Ningbo Xinda door machine) sometimes can not open and close the door, after checking that the switch door relay is normal, the door machine and the door machine board are normal, and the interface between the door machine and the door machine board is found to be bad. Normal after replacing the interface.

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