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The Launching Ceremony of "High-Temperature Laser Humidity Sensor R & D" Project Was Held in Beijing [Full Text]


Science and Technology Development On September 19, 2017, the launching ceremony of the project “Development and Industrialization of High-Temperature Laser Humidity Sensors for Complicated Working Conditions”, a special scientific equipment development project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, was held in Beijing. The leader of Beijing Aerospace Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. announced at the launch ceremony that it will use four key technologies, including humidity and large dynamic range adaptive measurement technology, to successfully develop working temperatures of 20°C to 350°C in two years. The laser high-temperature humidity sensor finally achieved productization and industrialization.
Project launch meeting
It is understood that the main task of the "High-Temperature Laser Humidity Sensor Development and Industrialization" project is to develop a laser high-temperature humidity sensor for complex conditions. This kind of laser humidity sensor is based on TDLAS technology (abbreviation of tunable semiconductor laser absorption spectrum technology) to achieve the measurement of humidity. The project team leader, the famous laser and non-linear optics expert in China, and the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Yao Jianyu introduced that compared with traditional measurement methods, TDLAS technology uses this technology for humidity measurement in high temperature environments, with no cross-interference, large measurement range, With high precision and real-time measurement, it can realize real-time monitoring of high temperature and humidity. Once the sensor is successfully developed, it can improve the high temperature and humidity monitoring level in China, improve the accuracy of environmental emission measurement, and save energy and reduce emissions in industrial processes.
It is reported that the special development of the instrument is to solve the problem of accurate measurement of high temperature and humidity in many fields such as environmental protection and industrial process control in China. “Humidity measurement under high temperature environment will directly affect the accuracy of calculations in the field of environmental protection or process control efficiency in industrial production. Taking the environmental protection field as an example, the measurement of the concentration of pollutants discharged from industrial boilers requires the measurement of the humidity of the flue gas. The accuracy of the moisture content measurement directly affects the total amount of emissions and affects the assessment of national environmental protection indicators.” High-temperature humidity measurement is so important, but its technical implementation is very difficult. Because of this, the project was approved in August this year. Major application for the development of major scientific instruments and equipment.
Previously, Aerospace UF has been developing four years of TDLAS technology research and development, with relevant foundations, and in June 2016, it carried out evaluation of high-precision TDLAS humidity measurement technology, and its technical level has reached the international advanced level. In the report, Li Gang, the head of the company, gave a detailed report on the research background, objectives, research content, technical route, research team, research foundation, expected results, and project research cycle. According to him, the project team will focus on measuring key issues such as high humidity in the environment, many interference factors (corrosion gas, static electricity, dust, droplets, etc.), lack of high-temperature and high-humidity calibration technology, and device reliability under adverse conditions. High-humidity dynamic range adaptive measurement technology, complex conditions multi-wavelength measurement and control technology and laser temperature current control technology, the development of laser high temperature humidity sensor working temperature 20 °C ~ 350 °C, to carry out demonstration applications to improve optimization to reach the flue gas, The purpose of real-time measurement of high temperature and humidity of exhaust gas, boiler steam, etc., to achieve the final sensor product, industrialization.
Technical experts from environmental monitoring, radio, instrumentation and other related fields and users of power, environmental protection, aerospace, petrochemical, and other user members heard the report from the project team. At the same time, relevant recommendations were made for the product demonstration application stage.
It is understood that the research and development of the project will be jointly completed by the Aerospace Alliance and the Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Wuhan Tianhong Instrument Co., Ltd. Beijing Aerospace Yilian Technology Development Co., Ltd. is the holding company of the 11th Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. It has four years of TDLAS technology research and development base, and has three products with independent intellectual property rights, and undertakes the development and industrialization of the project sensors; the semiconductor research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences The research and development of semiconductor lasers has been at the forefront of China's leading ranks. We have developed miniaturized semiconductor lasers for this project. The Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has long been engaged in power electronic control research and is good at signal processing and instrument design. We develop core algorithms and measurement techniques for this project; Wuhan Tianhong Instrument Co., Ltd. has nearly 20 years of research and development experience in the field of environmental protection equipment and equipment, providing strong support for on-site testing and demonstration application of the project. (Original title: Launch of the "High-Temperature Laser Humidity Sensor R & D" Major Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology)

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