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Villa elevator how to choose villa elevator prices


With the improvement of people's living standards, many private villas will also be installed elevators, then the Elevator should pay attention to the safety, do not blindly be confused by the so-called gorgeous appearance, the following Xiaobian inventory for you the latest Villa Lift prices and brands, For your reference only.

[What is a Villa Elevator]

An elevator installed in a private home for single family members only. It can also be installed in buildings that are not used in a single home as a means for single families to enter their homes, but the public or other occupants within the building cannot access and use them.

[How to choose the right home elevator or villa elevator]

a. Home Elevator Door opening methods are divided into hand-drawn doors and automatic doors:

The structure of the hand-pulling door is similar to the door commonly used in our home, but the door lock linkage device is relatively heavy and the hand-pulling door has no car door protection design. There are objectively hidden security risks; the automatic door is the same as the public Passenger Elevator. Car door and hall door double protection, the difference is that more than 95% of villa elevators choose to open automatic doors. This is because the side-by-side automatic doors can save the construction area as much as possible and use the width of the hoistway as much as possible. At the same time, they can be used by handicapped persons and the elderly to fully reflect their profitability.

b. Choose PLC control or microcomputer controlled villa elevator:

PLC control is an abbreviation of “Programmable Logic Controllers” in English, and can be programmed with a logic controller. It is mainly used in early industrial fields and is also the main control method of elevators. In the 1980s, when the microcomputer control system appeared, PLC control was only adopted in the field of elevators. In the field of passenger elevators, the Elevator Control System was basically eliminated by the microcomputer control system. Therefore, the microcomputer control system selected by Jinghuai was correct. s Choice

c. Select a home-use elevator or villa elevator with variable-frequency variable-speed VF drive:

The household elevators driven by frequency conversion and voltage adjustment were selected to make the operation more comfortable, smoother and energy-saving. The selection of traction Home Elevators was based on VVVF traction machines and inverter-driven configuration.

【Villa Elevator Brand】

Internationally renowned villa elevator brands such as IGV in Italy, Thyssenkrupp in Germany, Austar in Australia, Savaria in Canada, Stannah in the United Kingdom and many more. The domestic reference standard GB/T21739 for villa elevators was released at the end of 2008 and is still in perfect condition. Therefore, the so-called villa elevators made in China mainly refer to public elevators for miniaturization and plagiarism or copying of imported elevators.

【Villa elevator price】

The price of the villa elevator depends on many price elements such as brand, floor height, function, configuration, landing and decoration. In the international market, the price of the villa brand elevator in the international market is basically the price of the basic function in the international market, such as a 300kg load, a two-storey villa elevator, and a delivery price of $35,000 to $45,000. This price is the all-inclusive price. - Including equipment prices, shipping and land freight and installation fees, maintenance fees for one year warranty, and replacement parts costs; the price of home elevators or villa elevators in the Chinese market is not measured by exact standards. The all-inclusive quotation for technical elevators for villas ranges from RMB 100,000 to RMB 250,000. It can be described as a mixed bag, but customers can focus on safety considerations.

The above villa elevator prices and brand Xiaobian introduced here for you, just for your reference, there is a little Xiaobian need to remind everyone that the choice of villa elevator can not only consider the appearance, the most important thing is the safe location, hope Xiaobian more information will be helpful to everyone.

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